4 New Screen Shots!

Pic 1: This is the Sekemoto family. A young family of geniuses living on the edges of society. They have a new baby that’s proving to be extremely gifted! Will the child turn follow in his scientific parent’s footsteps or explore his virtuoso trait on this expansive world?

Pic 2: Sims maxin’ and relaxin’ by the pool. The water is never so crisp as it is in Lunar Lakes. Pure, blue,and pollution free! (Remember what the water looked like in Bridgeport? Yuck.)

Pic 3: A close look at Perigree. The scientific rabbithole based around the crashed spaceship. You can see here how they’ve gutted the inside of the ship to create their scientific community. At night you can see a sunset in the background as the perigree starts to light up. People work late in the scientific community, you know!

Pic 4: A better look at the outside of Perigree. If you look closely you’ll see that the perigree didn’t crash nose down, it crashed nose UP! Can you imagine how hard it must have been to pull that off? I’d hate to be the person at the back of the plane!

Thanks to 5050 Sims for the tip!