Disclaimer:  The post below has NOTHING to do with EA/The Sims Team or affiliated in any way, shape or form.

If you’ve followed the Sims series for some time, then Grant Rodiek’s name should be familiar to you.  Outside of his daily job, he’s been working on a separate personal project and I’d like to take a moment and give him a hand to let you guys know about it.  It’s called Farmaggedon, a card game in which you plant and grow crops for money.  Watch the video below for how it works:

Being as this is a self-published game, it’s on Kickstarter right now, hoping to become a reality. They are hoping to reach a goal of $5000 by March 4, and currently (as of this post) they are $1600 in. If you have a couple of dollars and want to help Mr. Rodiek out, please consider pitching in a few extra dollars – even buy the game. Already put my donation in, hope you’ll do the same – Let’s show what the Sims community can really do, please spread the news around on your Sims site, forums, facebook page, twitter and any other means. Just be sure to note that it is NOT involved in any way with EA (legal issues, and all that fun stuff) 🙂