Digital Spy Explains SimPortProducer Michael Cox said that Sims can be sent to other players’ games to perform to new audiences, meaning they will disappear for a short length of time.
“[They’re] kind of like the rabbit holes, you’re familiar with The Sims in that when you go to work you go into this rabbit hole and they emerge,” he told Digital Spy.
“So from my perspective, they’ll go to my friend’s machine and they’re gone for a period of time – about 12 minutes in real time, much longer game time – and they are away at that point. “I’ll be able to see how my Sim is doing in that performance. I might see an update that [says], ‘Oh my gosh, my Sim has fallen down on stage, it’s a really bad performance’. So at that point I find myself being the nervous player going ‘Oh gosh, what’s happening to my Sim?’ So I get some updates, but I won’t be able to see them.”
Sims traveling by SimPort will see the usual experience and rewards received from a performance locally, while their moods will change depending on how well it went.


Source: SimsVIP