SimCookie, Platinum Simmers and more! Source: SimsVIP


Now we come to my favourite discovery! There is a new lifetime reward called ‘Dusty Old Lamp’ It will set you back 30,000 points and your sims will gain a little old lamp in their inventory. There is an interaction to clean the lamp which will make a Genie appear!! :D You can make wishes using the Genie and also once your relationship with it is high enough you can make a wish to free it (this will add it to your household) I tried freeing a genie and these are the steps you have to take once you have made the wish.


What is “The Sims 3 Claim to Fame”? Well this is a new expansion for the base game by which we can immerse our Sims in the entertainment world and take them from their humble origins rising to the top of stardom. Our Sims can fulfill his dream of becoming singers, acrobats, magicians and DJs working in these new professions playable style of “Achievers”.

Fraizes Auz Sims

3 new features:

Born artist: They are never as comfortable as on a stage and never happier than in front of an audience.
Diva: They know they are fantastic … Do not you dare forget it! When they are good, they are fantastic and when they are bad, they are the best.
Ultrasociable: they are happy in interacting with other sims and do everything to attract attention to themselves.

Platinum Simmers

After Woohooing in the photo booth, one of the Sims will pick up the photos that were taken. They’ll look at them, gasp, and rip them up! These will not go into your Sim’s inventory!

Another returning item is the MP3 player. Your Sim can listen to music without a Stereo and without you having to listen to the music too. The real advantage of this is they can get the moodlet from listening to music anywhere.



Another great day spent with friends Simmers! Thank you again to EA and Chloe for inviting me to this wonderful event. And I worked again as a team with Ichigo!

Welcome to Starlight Shore in place that at first glance can remind us uptown to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. The neighborhood is not very large, it is accompanied by a more than a dozen homes and new community land. Of modern buildings were added, they are really pretty.