Going to give my friend Carl a plug for an amazing new world that a number of fans over at his forums of Carl’s Sims 3 Guides teamed up and created!


“When a team of explorers discovered Union Cove, they knew it wasn’t an ordinary place. Its beauty and mysteries attracted Sims from all the world, who live in peace and harmony through a set of laws, known as “The Rules”. Considered home by many Sims, Union Cove is fully developed technologically and beyond, offering anything a citizen may need. The spirit of justice and friendship brought by the pioneers made this beautiful land the most attractive place to live in, while it’s mysteries are still unsolved. Can one unveil all there is behind Union Cove?”

Union Cove is a massive and meticulously crafted World for The Sims 3. This project was carried out in secret on our Sims 3 Forum over the course of six to seven months. The team began with Naga, Leto85, and Anushka. It was decided they would expand their team to involve some of the best builders on the forum. Not everyone could come along for the ride, so they chose from among our talented community to recruit others to help.
The team were given a Top Secret rank on the forum, which allowed access to a special board only they could see. Anushka lovingly crafted the world in all its beauty, with Joria, Ausette, Danefaith and Samoht04 helping to create its many lots. Some members were asked for permission to use their lots in a secret world, and thankfully kept quiet while the team developed.
Union Cove is special. Being a collaborative effort, it achieved a higher quality of design that is unlikely to be achieved by a solo builder. This world saw many tweaks over the course of development, and as a result the World we have before us today is a very much refined product with a reach that will extend far beyond the boundaries of our little forum.
To the entire team, I thank you for letting me share this gift with the Sims community. It’s an honor for this thing I started to grow such that we had enough talented people to pull off something of this size.
Technical Details:
World name: Union Cove
Map size: Huge (2046×2046)
World type: Suburban

  • World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets;
  • HighEnd Loft, Fast Lane, Outdoor Living and Town Life;
  • No Store content, no Custom content.


  • Residential lots: 101
  • Empty/inhabited lots: 47
  • Community lots: 47

(Includes all lot types from Base game, Ambitions, Late Night and Pets)
Number of Habitants: 116 Sims and 25 Pets
Number of Households: 56
Total lot value: ยง7.438.698
Additional info:

  • Contains EA-like balanced spawners;
  • All brand-new community lots, created from scratch and never seen before;
  • Uses residential lots and sims created by forum members, with permissions.
  • With provided saved file, it is playable even with just base game. WA trees and objects are heavily used in landscape so world will look significantly different but all the lots and features will still be there.
  • World was built on an average PC, 2.4GHz Intel Core2 Duo, 2GB RAM. It should be playable on the average PC.

Download Here


  1. Hey, just an FYI, the link for Carl’s site is wrong.
    @Jud: I know your pain. I lost everything I had, games, saves, CC, everything, when my mobo died just before Xmass. Your site has been a godsend in trying to re-gather my goodies. Thanx so much!!

  2. It looks so great! Thanks for the tip!
    I hope once EA is done with TS3, a new collaboratively made world will be done.


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