Ugh…I just don’t understand EA/The Sims Team.  I really wish I could go down there and look some of their employees right in the face and tell them they suck at doing their jobs.  It’s not all of them – no, mostly the ones in the community department.  The folks that are suppose to well…do their job and manage the community.
If you’ve ever been to the official forums, you know for a fact that the CM’s (community managers) are doing a poor, poor job on moderating their forums.  Trolls everywhere, porn at random places (even on various Sims 3 pages).  It’s disgusting.  But no, the CM’s would rather promote their store, or post LOLsims or some other non-sense.  Sure, they can do that…but really, they should also pay attention to what’s going on.
So instead, they decide to put moderators in place to help them out.  Again, understandable.  Of course, when you are a moderator – especially on an EA forum, it means jack squat as you have no control or power.  Nope – just a title is all you get.  One such moderatorbob007 was simply doing his job…trying to stop the trolls.  Apparently EA had enough of the complaining…and got rid of him.  No, not the troll(s)…rather, Bob – as a moderator.
I wanted to post this as a run-in to another topic – The Sims 3 Boycott Week.  There are a number of reasons why people are angered with EA.  Buggy games, poor patch support, overpriced items in The Sims Store, past value of their games, the way the series is heading in terms of gameplay.  While there are some on that list that I agree with, for the most part it’s how they are handling their fans and treating us like crap.  They got our money, that’s all they care about…They don’t care about bonding with the community.  In some regions – like The Sims 3 UK Team, or the Dutch team and other areas, they have an awesome PR team that do a fantastic job with communicating with their fanbase.  Here, in the US?  Nope.  No – instead, they send out take-down notices, axing our YouTube profiles for publishing videos that they themselves leaked and so on.  It’s just…depressing.
/end rant.