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Channel 4 Education is launching SuperMes, an online drama played out by virtual actors.
SuperMes has been created by content design company Somethin’ Else in collaboration with US-based games publisher Electronic Arts and uses The Sim 3 as its platform – a virtual studio and soundstage.
Inspired by Robin Burkinshaw’s Alice and Kev, a story of two homeless people in The Sims 3, the project was devised by Paul Bennun and Jo Roach, and was commissioned by Jo Twist at Channel 4 Education. The editor is Gemma Brady.
Using The Sims 3 engine, each of the virtual actors have been given very detailed character notes, traits, ambitions and motivations. They will then improvise the drama taking direction from the production team. The team will follow them everywhere, capturing the action in the style of an observational documentary.
SuperMes is part of Channel 4 Education’s work helping teens deal with life challenges and a new component of the award-winning SuperMe game and content system.


Source: iSims