Mainly questions about the ones that he’s worked on. I love getting info in how/why they did this or that. Luckily, Grant Rodiek is in a question answering mood. 🙂


I worked on the Vampire design. Other than that, I’m not really a big fan of the occults 🙂 I think they should exist. I just personally don’t like them as a player.

Needs replaced fully by Moodlets?

Replaced by moodlets. Totally possible.

Ambitions Work

 I designed the Private Eye and his missions. I also designed the Interior Designer.

The Private Eye hiding with two bushes in his/her hands was inspired by the “World Famous Bushman“.

Twinbrook – It was modeled after New Orleans.

Ambitions was our version of Open for Business.

Fave Sims 3 Towns/Worlds

Twin brook for home. Twin Brook! Rednecks crack me up. The Bayless are hilarious. For WA Egypt. I designed the story and some of the tombs for Egypt so I’m biased 🙂

Base Game

I worked on almost everything in Live mode on base game. Working with designers on tuning was really really fun.

Fav Sims 3 Expansion

I think Ambitions. I like the different careers. I thought it was a good design for better gameplay and better storytelling.

Gobias Koffi

Is based on Tobias from Arrested Development.

More Misc

I once spoke about The Sims and the importance of non-violent games to an auditorium full of US Congressional Aides.

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