So a few days ago or so we had an article about the Mad Catz Sims illuminated Mood Mouse. You know, it supposedly changes color depending on the mood of the active Sim. Now both SimFans and Sims Nieuws have reviewed it.


There is still no driver / driver, so that the mouse can display correctly in the game, the color of the mood of the Sim. However, we have contacted the manufacturer and learned that this “soon” to be published

Sims Nieuws

What I did not expect that the colors all the time keep running. From green to yellow, to orange to red. Unfortunately, when I wanted to go on The Sims 3 to start, and my family came, he simply alternate colors. Whether it is on a wrong driver, or that the mouse does not really work in your game. Is questionable, but I would really regret it if he would not do in the game, because they sell a lie!

Source: SimsVIP