This is EA News, not Sims news. You’ve been Fox 4 Warned. XD

Found an interesting piece of EA news today, via Twitter. EA is trying to use the US Constitution’s First Ammendment to use the likeness and names of 3 Bell Helicopters without having to pay royalties to Textron (Bell’s parent company). Really EA? What’s next? EA uses the First Amendment to legally use the Ford, Lamborghini and Porsche brand names without paying royalties to them as well? Oh EA, how low will JohnRiccitiello go?

EA Using First Amendment to Avoid Paying Trademark Royalties?Electronic Arts asserts that its depiction of the three aircraft “are protected by the First Amendment and the doctrine of nominative fair use.” EA notes that Battlefield 3‘s packaging features a disclaimer stating that the appearance of real-world weapons and vehicles does not constitute any official endorsement by their maker. It adds that “the Bell-manufactured helicopters are not highlighted or given greater prominence than any of the other vehicles within the game.”

Source: Kotaku