Remember not too long ago, we told you about the Toyota/EA partnership extending into The Sims Social? It was supposed to happen this month as a 2 week-long quest. Instead it’s been pushed back to mid-March. As of now the undriveable car will only have a “wax” option and will cost 10 SimCash. That’s if you want to permanently own it, otherwise you can “rent” it during the two week quest. Bummer.

These details don’t seem to have changed, instead the estimated release date of 19th January has been pushed back to around mid March for reasons that we have no idea about? We can reveal however that the car that we believe will be available to use in game, is called the ‘Yashimoto Prais’ (Pictured) and for the time being only holds one interaction, being ‘Wax Car’. It doesn’t seem like the car is drivable in The Sims Social.


Source: Sims-Social Fansite