As per all Sims games there are the small simple things you can do to amuse yourself. The music on the radio was of particular joy to me, as they sound like very real songs but in the Sims gibberish, many of which are quite catchy. Your pets can ruin household items, knock over garbage cans, get into fights, and actively “reject” people, which I imagine does wonders for a Sim’s self esteem. Then there are always those moments that are eerily true to life. My Sim felt weary, but had to shoe the dog out of bed before falling asleep. The Shepherd snuck back in on the other side moments later. Then after a few precious hours of sleep they were both woken by a burglar, which the dog fought with and scared away. Sleepily they returned to bed, to find that the cat was now asleep right in the middle.

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I just got the game a few days ago from EA’s Black Friday deal.  But lack of a 3DS does not make it possible for me to review it.  But I’ll be getting one shortly…I really want to check out Super Mario Brothers 3D Land.