Taking a moment to go a little off-topic here….well, not too off topic, as it does involve video games and SimAnimals/Spore Hero composer Winifield Phillips.  I wanted to share with you the following article from Kotaku on the music from the PS3 game LittleBigPlanet2.  One of their favorite pieces is Phillips’ Victoria’s Lab.  Here’s what they had to say on her work:

Well, let’s just start with my favorite track from the whole game. “Victoria’s Lab” pops up early in the game, and it was from this moment on that I realized that LittleBigPlanet 2 was going to do a whole lot more for me than its predecessor had. The music is great on its own, but in the game it does this very cool thing where depending on where you are in the level, it layers and builds until it climaxes during the final few parts. The tunes all appear to have been broken down into a series of layer-able sections, and the layers are automatically added as players progress through each level.

For example, this track starts with the simple beat, and not much else—if you hop around the beginning of the level, you’ll hear that same simple beat until you decide to move onward. Then, the music grows in complexity along with the level, and right when the beat drops, you’re making your way through these crazy robot enemies and dodging deadly flooring and the entire thing is rocking like a Wile E. Coyote contraption.

(It helps that the tune is bitchin’ in its own right.)

This video, meanwhile, is hilarious and amazing—it looks to have been created entirely with in-game assets. Whoever did this had a lot of fun; I could watch it all day.


I love Winifield’s work, and after reading its YouTube description, I am not alone – many others do too – in fact, it has been nominated for so many awards!  Check it out when you get a second, it’s well worth it 😀  I am left to wonder what her future works will be…I would love to see her do something related to The Sims franchise (EA HAS to get her on board for The Sims 4) or with SimCity if that ever happens.