Sunset Valley Times Reviews FreePlayThe Sims FreePlay has a completely different form of play than we now expect from a Sims game. Normally takes the time in the game “Simtijd”. That means there is only a few seconds to one minute. Thus it is possible to shower in the Sims (3) perhaps a few Sim hours.
This is completely different in The Sims freeplay. It goes all in real time! This has been directly reflected in the game. Top right you can see, the present (real) time and date are. This means that if it’s dark outside in real life, in the game, the lights will have to do. It might be getting used to, but that makes this game a lot more realistic.

Something that hooks directly to the interactions. All interactions in the game takes time. Quickly Snitch something from the fridge takes 35 seconds, but you want to eat the leftovers from yesterday, you lose 4 minutes. And interactions literally take so long. So it may be that your Sim to 4 minutes long can not control because it is eating.