Many of you have heard of SOPA (The Stop Online Piracy Act) or PIPA (Protect IP Act) and may or may not know what it is and what will happen if the US Government passes this bill. This bill basically means that the US Government can censor the internet in the same way in which China and Iran does. If a site links to a video as we a Sims fan/news site does, all it would take only one complaint from say EA to end our site. The US Gov would first block the ability to see our site and then most likely shut us down. The big game sites will also be effected as will almost all of YouTube and Social Networks. See a list of companies that support the evil SOPA bill HERE and HERE. EA is one of many companies on the list of SOPA supporters. Right now when they have a video pulled from YouTube or another site, that site will be marked as an Digital Pirate, the same as sites like The Pirate Bay. Here’s a video by Digital Trends that explains what will happen.

SOPA/PIPA = The End of ALL Sims Fan/News Sites -Updated-

Here’s one example of how SOPA will destroy the internet.

Why would it effect us and other sites? It’s not just the ones that upload videos and pics, it would also effect everyone that links to copyrighted materials. Another site reviews a new Sims game and we use their youtube/embed video link, both us and that site will be added to said list if EA flags their video. Read about another example HERE. If you read this and are a US resident, PLEASE contact your local representative and plead with them to not vote for the bill. This is a very serious matter, constitutional rights are at stake. Spread the word!