There’s an interactive calender of The Sims 3 Facebook Page.

There are 31 days until the New Year and it’s time to celebrate! Check back here every day for coupons, deals, exclusive content teasers, promotions and more! Every day brings a new surprise at The Sims 3 Store.

Day 1 was the new Japanese themed store stuff and today is the announcement of the Voodoo Doll Premium Content and a contest for Simmers to name it! Man I hope it works just like the one in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage… it was AWESOME!!!

Source: SimsVIP

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VooDoo doll is pretty awesome! Once again though, I hate the store and wish they would just add this crap in the expansions like they should!


I got an idea…let’s call it the “rip-offer”….what? I’m serious here.

jesse james

Orangecake: good play on words. it is a rip off-er. that is the biggest reason I dislike the sims store, the premium content and certain sets should have been added to various EPs not as sims store buyable downloads. Granted it allows EA to cater to larger fan demands then an EP but BUT, … they are horrible about choosing what to go where & why, just like the lack of theme & coordination on eps/sps. I blame management, weak management causes alot of problems… Or this last ep… seriously, should have been in LN or left the celeb stuff out of LN.


Should have been in an expansion pack. Thanks EA.


I hate premium content.
All these things should be in expansion.
I hate ” exclusive to digital only ” content.


I would be counting down the days untill thay fix this game.but sadly i dont think there going to.the sims 3 pets is going to have to stay broken.