For those who love Steampunk, check out this upcoming kitchen set in the Store.

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Who’s Steampunk? *Searches on Google* xD


The aquarium looks great.


Damn, it looks awesome, but the problem with the Store Sets is the fact that even though I can “borrow” the stuff, there’s just so much junk it clogs up my game, slows it down etc. Store should have never existed. The stuff should be just in the friggin Expansion Packs/Stuff Packs.

Captain THPS4

YES awesome! I didn’t think we’d get any more steampunk but I’m glad we are. Great way to start the new year.

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Is it too much to ask for more complete sets, rather than new incomplete ones all the time?
I feel like there’s always stuff missing with these sets. It would be nice to have more bayside (or other types) stuff for other rooms or what not.