For those of you who still have Sims that are pet-less, are collectors of all things Sims or those of you that just love entering contest, Sad NEWS! Our Pets Giveaway Contest is now over and a winner has been chosen!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered our Best Caption Contest. We made our choice for the TOP 7 Captions, then you guys and gals voted for the top caption out of those 7. Now the votes are in. And the winner of The Sims 3: Pets is…

  • IDSD – Wait Nyan Dog I Love Youuuuuu!!!!!!” “Stop Chasing Me You Stupid Deer!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Muskrat – Here we find a confused deer during the mating season
  • Isabella – Get out! I’ll not marry you, deer!!!
  • Manula91 – Come on deer!!! we’re gonna miss the bus!! Get a move on!
  • Mike – How DEER you!
  • pcd1love2u – Oh no! theres a deer chasing me! NOPE its just chuck testa.
  • pinkpanther243 – From the acclaimed director who brought you the rom-com hit, ‘I Married a Mummy!’Comes another heartwarming tale of love and devotion titled, ‘Lady and the Rainbow-Coloured Tramp’

Congrats Mike!!!  We’ll email you so we can get your address and soon your copy of Pets will be on it’s way!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest/giveaway! We hope y’all will join us again in the future for our next giveaway. Happy Simming!!!