Showtime Rumor Alert?


There is a new rumor (stated by Gaga News) going around today that Lady Gaga either will or already has recorded her song Marry The Night in Simlish. No confirmation from Gaga herself, but we’ll keep you updated on this and more!

Showtime Rumor Alert?

Thanks to Victor226433 for the tip!

Source: The Sims Style


  1. deedee:

    Ugh, more crappy music. Somebody’s got bad taste in music at EA-twenty years from now, people will be saying, Gaga who? This ep is gonna be SHT for reals.

    Heh. Who’s going to be playing Showtime in 20 years?

    I wish they’d put the money into hiring programming superstars rather than into GaGa’s pocket. How much did it cost them to have her do a song for them, I wonder?

  2. Nah, of all the pop star bimbos that exist, I think Gaga is the least horrible of them. She has a great voice that you can hear on her duet with Tony Bennett, it’s too bad she wastes it on crappy pop songs.

  3. It’s fake – this is a translation to a more recent post by GagaNews:
    Already confirmed: Lady Gaga did not receive any contract or invitation to record “Marry the Night” in Simlish for “The Sims 3: Showtime.”

    So Upset 🙁



    I simply cannot imagine my sims singing her songs…I’d really prefer they save the money and create a program that allows us to insert watever song we liked.

    You already can. You don’t need a program.

    Arg…no, I didnt meant that.So in sims 2, your sims sing with the music in radio folder or their personal *simlish* song? I wish sims 3 allows our sims to sing the song we put in.

  5. I just can’t help myself here…Lady gaga is a passing fad just like any other female pop star or boy band. from Madonna to J-lo to Brittiny Spears, they’re all flash in the pan preformers who moved on to other things, from acting, directing & psyche wards of corse. and so miss gaga too shall go the way of the dodo or backstreet boys…Has-been-dom must fall on all stars, be they bright or not so much. And way-to-go EA for more shallow trend pandering…we love you so much for it…FIX THE DAMN GAME ALREADY

  6. I can’t believe people here are calling her fake, plastic, saying she’s a “passing fad” i’m not being funny, but she’s the most powerful artist of our generation and her moral is extremely liberating, you guys do not know how much effort she puts into her work and how much she gives back to her fans! You people obviously do not have ANY idea of what she stands for, so before you call her fake, plastic, etc, go do your research into how she’s changed people lives and how much of a rolemodel she is!!

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