Playfish Goof! Upcoming Sims Social Items Added Early!


Well well Playfish, I see you “accidentally” added some items to Sims Social early.

Playfish Goof! Upcoming Sims Social Items Added Early!If you have a good browse through The Sims Social store today you could very well be in for a surprise and see some items that you don’t recognise ever being released. This is because it seems The Sims Social developers have accidentally released a handful of items from an upcoming Alice In Wonderland theme with last nights Christmas Mini Quest update.
The ‘Riddle Collection’ bookshelves can be found on Page 18 of The Sims Social Store>Living Room whilst the ‘Audience Bench’ can be found on Page 10 in the Outdoor category. There is also one or two new Alice In Wonderland Tiles and Wallpapers available too.

Source: The Sims Social Fansite

Thanks to EllisZep for the tip!



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