Turns out that PlayFish and/or EA are not to ones that made FreePlay, EA’s new subsidiary Iron Monkey did. Interesting… Anyways, here’s a Q&A between MCV and Iron Monkey.

Iron Monkey Talks about The Sims FreePlayThat makes a lot of sense for an iOS platform. When you’re engaging a time-conscious audience, you wouldn’t want them to be forced to watch a canned animation for 10 seconds in those precious few minutes on the bus.

TH: We tried to also make it so that if a player wanted to spend a couple of hours playing a game they can. You can customise your Sims and houses any time, no matter what your Sims are doing. So you can spend a long time putting your house together, trying different furniture and because the houses are so customisable you can spend a couple of hours easily just doing that.

So where does the paid element of The Sims: Freeplay come into play and how has it been balanced?

TL: All it is is choice. Instead of charging up front like we’ve done for the last three Sims iOS games, we’re just giving people a choice of how they want to spend money in the game.


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