Check out this cool interview with The Sims Team Lead Developer Director, Berjes Enriques A.K.A. SimGuruBatman.

Interview with Berjes Enriquez - Lead Dev Director for The Sims GamesSo you literally direct the development of a project.
Well, I would be a little cautious about using the word “direct.” I’m not an expert in the field of Animation, or Gameplay Engineering, or User Interface, so I rely on the leads of those disciplines to make the best decisions for the project. In this sense, they are directing their disciplines. I’m just there to help that process and to make sure there’s nothing preventing them from doing their jobs.

Which part of EA do you work with?
The Sims.

I know you can’t discuss what you’re working on right now, but can you tell me more about what you do?
Sure! Let’s talk about pre-production first. So in pre-pro, the concentration is trying to drill down on a great design that we can deliver on. It’s also a great time to give people opportunities to stretch and explore other areas they might be interested in. For example, an engineer trying design, or an artist trying some project management.


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