The Sims Freeplay is a free-to-play title which is very much analogous to the desktop experience. However, the biggest difference between the iOS and Mac is how tasks are handled. In The Sims Freeplay, you will notice that the time is the same as in real-life, and certain tasks (such as eating or sleeping) take the same time as they would in real life. Furthermore, you can now no longer quit certain tasks — you must stick with whatever you are doing until the task is finished. Once tasks are completed, you will gain XP (experience points for gaining levels in-game). Also, in a move similar to The Sims Social, you can become “Inspired”, which yields greater XP. Unfortunately, I do not think that the latter change is welcome. Today, I started somebody off (as a side point, it was a replica of Steve Jobs that I made in the game) making croissants. Unfortunately, that took 18 hours to complete, so now I have Steve Jobs indefinitely making croissants for the rest of the day. I’d like to see the ability to quit tasks, or come back to them if they are large tasks such as the aforementioned.

link here (thanks, Jack!)