Computer Bild and Showtime


A new article about Showtime. A few new things are mentioned. These people are out of touch with the fans like EA, they think we’ve been waiting for the social features for a long time. FAIL! We’ve been waiting for Pets and Weather. Got one, now we want the other, not more social crap.

Computer Bild and ShowtimeDario Cremer is a gifted singer, a great career ahead of him. But stage fright before every show him torturing and wet hands. Mostly because watching all his friends. But when he sings, the fear dissipates and Dario enjoys the cheers of his fans.
The singing talents opened up a three careers that the new add-on “Showtime” provides for “The Sims 3”. Who does not want to pursue a musical career, tried his luck as a magician or acrobat. As a side-job training is also about the disc jockey on the plan. And of course all the artists to develop proper Rampensäuen with big ambitions.
For the brilliant performances create the Sims-makers a good environment, “Starlight Shores”. A new city full of interesting individuals, opulent show stages and other objects that make the game an ideal environment superstar.


Source: SimsVIP


  1. thesimling:

    They got THAT from EA which got it from the tweens that play TSS and LOVE IT and want EVERY GAME IN THE WORLD to be like TSS.

    That’s the problem. The Sims is for TEENS and not Kids or Pre-Teens/Tweens. EA needs to get this through their thick heads! Teens not little kids EA! -_-

  2. Theblackscorpion,

    Well I’ve been waiting for them to add more of those interactive careers like they have in Ambitions, and it looks like I’ll be getting my wish with Showtime.


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