A Simple Sims 2 Re-Creation


Behold! This is the first of 2 of my Sims 3 building projects. Kind of a simple one, unless you are re-creating it from your memory, guesstimates and a few so-so screen shots. This is a Sims 3 re-creation of Don Lothario’s Condo in Pleasant View from The Sims 2.  From the few pics I could find I was able to figure out the dimensions. It’s pretty darn close to a perfect match, well as close as it can be with items from The Sims 3. My next creation will be much better… I hope. lol Also note that we’re gonna try to post other Simmers’ creations at least once a week. It will be somewhat random/based on what we catches our eye. Anyways, here’s some pics and the link to download it from the exchange. Download, Enjoy and Please Recommend/Thumbs up if you like it. 🙂

Don’s Condo!


  1. Rincón del Simmer:

    Remeber first day there? Don dancing Salsa, hiring a maid, woohooing with the Calientes, and eating pre-cooked food.

    Pleasant View was the first town I played when I first got The Sims 2 and Don was the second I played after checking out the Goths. I guess that’s why his condo is embedded in my memory. lol


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