WARNING: This is an EA related post and has NOTHING to do with The Sims.

What’s the most you are willing to pay for DLC? $5? $10? How about $100? This is proof that Free-To-Play is an EVIL concept. The first DLC content for EA’s Need For Speed World is a car… one that cost $100 in real money. Seriously… 100 bucks for a virtual car. I wish EA’s board of directors and/or investors would get rid of their CEO.

EA, you see, knows that it’s perfectly acceptable to demand exactly that much real-world moneyfor a digital simulation of a single car in a technically free-to-play racing game. This particular piece of automotive insanity relates to Need For Speed World, EA’s PC-exclusive, free-to-play online racer. The car in question is the Koenigsegg CCX Elite Edition, the first bit of “premium elite” DLC for the game. But hey, it’s currently discounted to $75, so that’s good.