The Sims FreePlay?


Many of us know what a Free to Play game is. Some are awesome, others are cool. But what happens when you turn The Sims into a “Free To Play” game for mobile devices? Basically, the Sims Social EA’s Gone Too Far This Time Edition! Seriously, it looks like The Sims 3 for iPhone, but it plays like The Sims Social! I hope EA doesn’t do the same thing with Sims 4…

As its name implies, Sims FreePlay is a free-to-play title monetized completely through optional In-App Purchases. Like The Sims Social on Facebook, gameplay takes place in realtime, meaning day/night cycles follow a real-world 24-hour clock. Rather than sit and play for long stretches, players will be encouraged to pop in throughout the day to check in on their sims. Since watching your sim work or sleep for hours a day wouldn’t be very exciting, in The Sims FreePlay gamers can create and control up to 16 unique sims, assigning them each separate tasks like baking or gardening, which will then complete in realtime. FreePlay’s character creator is the most detailed yet, allowing players to customize everything from hats to footware.

Like The Sims Social, you can spend real money to get certain objects and to speed up time, or you can eventually do the same through normal play. As players unlock more sims and more content, they will be able to grow and customize their town with parks, work places, and shops. Future content updates might include additions like more careers, pets or furniture, or new gameplay elements like marriage, neighbor visits and new goals.


Source: Os Games EA


  1. The Black Scorpion,

    I think its pretty safe to assume that the Sims 4 will be more elaborate than the Sims 3, even if you count just the base games. People will not want something like the Sims Social, but with incredible next gen graphics. Most likely, if they do make a Sims 4, they’re going to do something really special with it, so that the people who bought the Sims 3 will want to buy it, since basically, every time they come out with a new base game, players are starting over from scratch. If it follows the same pattern as the other Sims games, It will be at least a half a year after it is released before its first expansion pack is released. So if they make a Sims 4, I have a feeling that EA will do something to make it special in addition to it having a lot of the popular features from the Sims 3 and some its expansion packs, in the base game.

  2. Nick:

    I’m confused. So it’s a cell phone/app game but played in real time? I’m not seeing the appeal.

    It’s like the mobile version of the Sims 3, but more or less a hybrid of it and Sims Social. You see, it’s real time ONLY if you play without spending real cash. To speed up time like you can in The Sims 3, you have to spend real money. That and to advance the progress of plants and other stuff. In other words, it’s gonna be SUPER LAME! 🙂

  3. I have this theory that they are doing an experiment with the Sims 3 for their next game, which is Sims 4. The Sims 4 might include what is missing with the Sims 3 plus the Sims 3.

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  6. Well,

    The sims freeplay have a lot of updates , some are okay and… Others can be BRILIANT!
    I believe that… The sims freeplay is a really good game and I can tell you the pros and cons about the game as well! Cons: you have to pay real money to buy simoleons (money in the sims) or LP that are also used to buy easily coded products in the sims freeplay. Pros: you can I FUNBOX your simulated game or play the hard way… If you I FUNBOX your game, you will have 100 000 000 simoleons and 88 888 888 LP! enjoy


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