UPDATE: SimsVIP has pointed out that one of the choices on an April poll on TheSims3.com was “Which of these game features sound the most exciting? Social features – in-game messaging, friends lists, send Sims to your friends’ games!” The Audio Track in this video mentions these very features!!!

Last week or the week before there was supposedly a trailer for Showtime pulled from YouTube by EA… Well someone has uploaded it again and we grabbed it before EA has it pulled again! I’m really thinking that Showtime was either an early name for Late Night or that it’s what Late Night is called in another country/region. The Voice Over is the same one from the American Idol commercials… Some of the renders on the box art are from Late Night’s box art and the ability to share status and updates from your game via Facebook and Twitter were added with Generations. You can watch the video below and judge for yourself. Is it real or fake?