The OS X Lion VS Pets issue is being worked on!


For all of the Simmers out there that want to play on a Mac that’s running Lion but can’t, good news for you! They are aware of the issue and are working on it!

The OS X Lion VS Pets issue is being worked on!Source: SimsVIP


  1. Wow! They finally, after several months of silence, have bothered to at least dignify us with THREE SENTENCES!!!!! If we can just hold out for another year or so, they’ll actually have our problem solved!!! Oh happy day!!! And then we’ll only have to wait until the release of Sims 4 for all the NEW problems to be fixed!!!

    This means nothing. EA has completely neglected their Mac customers for a long, long time. A month and a half ago it was an incredibly widespread problem that we couldn’t actually get our games to play. At all. The particular issue in the pictured post is only affecting people with the Intel graphics card, but a short time ago, there were three or four graphics cards (including two of the most vastly used ones) that quite literally couldn’t get their game to run. At all. MAYBE, on a good day, we could run five to ten minutes of gameplay before the entire system crashed. Why couldn’t EA have gotten to us then?

    If they had handed the Mac translation over to Aspyr like they had in TS2, instead of doing a half assed job of wrapping it in Cider, this wouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Yes!!! I can finally play Pets! Thanks EA, even though it took you forever to answer! Now, I suppose, it’s just a matter of time!


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