New November Store Sets!


Time for new store sets! Who’s excited? As usual there is a free set, this time it’s Christmas themed! Thanks to SimsVIP, Jacqpinks and AmenPaparazzi for the images.

Tis The Season for Gift Giving – FREE!!!

New November Store Sets!

Imperial Bedroom Zen – 550 SP

New November Store Sets!

Atomic Age Living and Dining – 1,700 SP

New November Store Sets!

Everyday Kids Collection – 1,200 SP

New November Store Sets!New November Store Sets!

November 2011 Compilation – 2,800 SP

New November Store Sets!


  1. I like the Zen bedroom set, but not much else. The kid’s clothes are tacky. And isn’t wearing one pant leg rolled up like that a gang thing? It was back when I was in high school (back in the 90s) and I guess affiliation with specific gangs was shown by which leg was rolled up.

  2. Oh dear… not getting at you and I respect your opinion, but “usual”? EA gives free sets like you win money on the lottery.

    It’s all over-priced, that’s my view on this month.

  3. they look okay, i like the childrens wear, i could actually see myself using some of the cloths as well as the hair 🙂 the other sets are pretty meh TBH… but i like the Christmas set 🙂


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