MTV Video Game Awards and The Sims Social


Really? The Sims Social get nominated for an MTV Video Game Award and not Pets? LAME!

MTV Video Game Awards and The Sims SocialOne of the great fevers Facebook this year was the social game ‘The Sims Social’. Launched in August, well after similar games, such as ‘Farmville’ and ‘CityVille’, and in less than a month has hit the milestone of 13 million active users.

With the concept of ‘social game’, the ‘Social Sims’ follows the same precepts of the original PC series, ‘The Sims’, but the great thing about Facebook is the game to interact with friends who belong to the list contacts in the social network. Being completely in flash and run within the Facebook, ‘Social Sims’ has not as sophisticated and visual 3D graphics.

The game is free and any Facebook user can start playing very simply. Like the full game for PC, the goal in The Sims Social ‘is to make friends, increase popularity by interacting with them and develop their online home.

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Source: Os Games EA



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