Fan sites are dropping like flies and this time it’s Infinite Sims. Due to loss of interest and time to keep up the site due to work and studies, Artemu has decided to close shop. With the closure if Infinite Sims, we are also saying goodbye to The Sims News Bot. Farewell Infinite Sims and good luck to you Artemu in whatever the future holds for you.

Howdy Guys,

As you may have seen, the site has not been updated in quite a while, and due to a decision which I have been considering for a very long time, I will now be closing the site.

The reason for this closure is due to a shift in my interests; of which my interests in this site have been non-existent for many months now. Due to the time required to maintain this project, along with the time required from either my work, or my studies, I just no longer want to have the burden of having to worry about a website too.

Thanks to everyone for their time, and most of all thank you to Snooty from SnootySims for originally giving me the foundations and motivation to run this project. He is and will always be a very good friend of mine. Also I just want to thank all my other friends I have made over the years for their help, I will always be in contact with you guys.

Please also note, that as a consequence of our closure – The Sims News Bot will no longer be functional as of our closure.

So long, and farewell to this very big community. Have Fun 🙂