Here’s what they said!

Dear customers and Battlefield fans

after I had yesterday presented the updated license agreements that create greater clarity, I would like today to a supposed aspect of Origin received, the discussion of the community is still hot: Origin is spyware and peeking out of the PCs of our customers?

Origin of course is not spyware and does not install any spyware on the PCs of its users. So Origin can install games and patches on computers, it changes the permissions on the particular PC. The result is that Windows – not about Origin – all files in a directory accesses – a process that can easily seem like a scan. It is however a common feature in Windows and not a process for data collection. It does not even Origin scans the directory and is accessible to information, nor will they collected or stored by the software. However, we are aware that this process has led to uncertainty among our customers and our software in future releases update accordingly to avoid unnecessary procedures.


So, do you believe them or do you think EA is up to no good?