PLEASE NOTE: That this post is about EA… It is NOT Sims related. If this bothers you, don’t read this post.

By now most of you should now that EA is very greedy and corrupt. You do know that right? Well, PS3 owners who bought Battle Field 3 were supposed to get an addition game on the same disc. They pre-ordered it and bought it on release day only to discover that EA REMOVED it so they could sell it sepretely instead! Turns out that they LIED about it and never intended to add the addition game with BF3. Typical EA right? Now EA is getting their evil greedy butts sued in a class action lawsuit! Get them! Take EA for everything they’ve got and teach them that messing with their customers is NOT cool man!

A lot can change during the development process, and sometimes console exclusives are shuffled around or altered. However, after promising the free game, EA never announced that it was backing out on the deal until the game was out. In other words, many PS3 owners were given no reason to think that they weren’t getting Battlefield 1943…until they bought Battlefield and found out that the bonus game wasn’t on the disc.


Source: Kotaku