Another Dutch Listing for Showtime


I’ve got a feeling that all listings for EP 6 will now be listed under Showtime instead. Anyways, here’s a new listing by another Dutch retailer.

Another Dutch Listing for ShowtimeSource: Rincón del Simmer


  1. If that description floating around is real, I don’t see how sports is “another aspect of life” or “something new, never done in TS2” it sounds like a menial rehashing of TS2: freetime with a rabbithole zoo/circus..oh so fun…-.- Like ambitions was OFB, rehashed with a new element thrown in. I’d rather waste 30$ buying TS complete collection on amazon then throw anymore money on this, EA is getting ridiculous.

  2. are u kidding me?? this price it’s the craziest price ever in sims history… it’s impossibly.. or that EP it’s the most complete ever and ever, more complete than sims3 base game ahahah

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