Two more listings for Stuff Pack 5 and Expansion Pack 6! This time from Dutch retailer GameQ. They list Stuff Pack 5 (Master Suite Stuff) for January 26th and EP 5 for March 8th.

Thanks to Rincón Del Simmer for the tip!


  1. I just remembered that the game is missing holidays and more depth to the sense of time passing with the adding of seasons, for example. Different days like rainy days, gloomy days, bright sunny days, cold days…

  2. I suddenly felt I know whats the 6th ep -.-

    I’m guessing it’s Casino life or watever….Since it’s:
    1. black blackground with white text
    2. “Guys” like it…some guys like gambling right?
    3. Guys doesnt mean Ladies wont like it.
    4. The only related theme way to add back DJ+Mic+Slow dancing(perhaps?)

  3. I read on some russian site that a guy asked about it and they said it’s about another form/way of playing with life?! What is that supposed to mean?

  4. Maybe it’s a fix-every-single-bug-that-never-fail-to-exist expansion pack? I want the custom radio station to work with the community wall speakers. Stereos shouldn’t have to be the solution to that bug. And I have yet to find a mod that fixes that issue. Oh, well.

  5. @frankie

    I vote for your EP, but it should be a patch/free beause we already bought the last bugged ep.

    I think they’re talking crap…tell me, is The Sims 3 NOT playing life in another way? Any single ep IS playing life in another way!

  6. i think it is not early. i can not wait for seasons,holidays, vacations. i want 18th century themed store stuff,stuff pack. i want mansion and garden stuff pack sims 3. i want to build mansions.
    sims 3 game becomes boring very quickly so i want packs very quickly. i do not care about ea money maker. they deserve it


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