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It’s that time again, yes has a new poll up. This time, it’s another new world/town poll! Let the voting begin by clicking the link below!

Safari World: Go wild in the Serengeti as your adventurous Sims rough it in the outback!

Amusement Park/Coney Island World: Your Sims’ live their roller-coaster lives in a roller-coaster town as they find fun and adventure on Coney Island!

Beyond/Afterlife: Whether it’s in the clouds or in the flames, the fun and adventure of your Sims’ afterlives begins, when their mortal existence ends.

Wild West: Strap on your boots, dust off your duster, and get ready to wrangle up some adventure as your Sims mosey into the Wild Wild West.

Fairy Tale Land/Fables: Take a step back where once upon a time, in a far away land, your Sims’ lived their fairy tale lives in a fairy tale land.

Tuscany/Italian Village: Gorgeous landscapes, high culture and rich artistic legacy await your Sims’ as they live their lives in a beautiful Mediterranean village.

Haunted World (French Quarter): Your Sims’ discover haunting adventures among the historic buildings and illustrious locations of the oldest neighborhoods in the French Quarter.

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