So you guys and gals remember how EA now has a demo/trial of The Sims 3? Well our friends over at Realne Simy have tried it and has shared info and pics with us!

This is a 20-minute teaser, one of the best experiences with The Sims 3 Its content includes the following games:
The Sims 3
World Adventures|Ambitions|Late Night
Generations|High-End Loft|Fast Lane|Outdoor Living
Choose one of three forms, search the Egyptian pyramid, communing with the spirits in a haunted house or dance the night at the club for vampires!

* The loading screen does not appear in icons and animation.
* The game was made ​​by HB Studios .
* On the main menu to choose from three families.
* You can choose only one sim in the family, man or woman.
* The family live in other people
– In the first three SimBoty,
– In the second the same spirit,
– A third of parents sima.
* Families houses have a special icon denoting the type of home.
* Options are just setting the camera rotation.
* Messages informing about the progress – this tutorial.

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Source: Łosiek of Realne Simy