So, a bargain if you don’t own the previous game, a complete rip-off if you do. And yet we still find it hard to unequivocally recommend The Sims 3 Pets to anyone, given the finicky console interface (even with Kinect voice controls), glitchy visuals and slow load times. None of this is either the Xbox 360’s or EA’s fault, it’s merely that the game was designed to work on a PC and in terms of interface, horsepower and online infrastructure that’s still where it’s best suited.

Like many an aging franchise The Sims seems more than a touch aimless at the moment, simply going through the motions of the obvious and oft-repeated expansion themes. We assume The Sims 4 is currently being planned, but if it is we do hope that the PC doesn’t end up the sole focus once again, because the idea’s too good to be wasted by these unsatisfying ports.

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