Dunno about everyone else, but I’m ready to start hearing about the next Stuff and Expansion Packs. But until then, here’s a review by Gamersnet.

The main difference with previous animal-related expansions is that this time you will have control over the animals. This opens a whole new world The Sims 3, because now the game also through the eyes of a pet can play. Animals are much freer than normal sims and really behave like animals. This includes course characteristics and needs, which have human Sims.

Besides pets and pet related properties for human sims Beestenbende also brings with it a new town, Appaloosa Plains. This is a quiet village with many farms, the perfect spot for a quiet rural life. Here you can easily build stables for your horses and “Woo-Hoo ‘and’ in one of the available hay bales.


Source: Sims Nieuws


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