Fokgames and Pets


Just another article about Pets.

How realistic is the game? My cats would occasionally sometimes throw up the whole thing under the table leg and is more popular than the scratching post to sharpen nails for example. The animals do such things in the game too?
“The animals look very realistic and you can customize so that they look exactly like you want. The number of varieties is greatly expanded. For the behavior to translate the game, the development studio’s animals extensively monitored their movements to register, So how animals move is very realistic. This behavior is also visible in the game. You have to learn that a cat scratching post is not a bank, if you do not then they can damage your bank. “

Human sims, you need certain items like a toilet, shower and refrigerator.To what extent animals have also certain items really necessary?
“Even animals have basic needs like eating and sleeping. This example has a horse barn, and a dog kennel. Without these items it is very difficult to properly care for the animal care and happy.”


Source: Sims Nieuws


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