Our new friends at Prosims have shared info and pics from IGROMIR the largest video game convention in Russia. There’s also an interview with Tony Watkins the head of EA Russia. He mentions the next Expansion, but only says that like Pets, it’s also something that everyone has been asking for since day 1. Please note that the audio in the video is low, thus you will have to increase the volume.

Fun fact: Tony Watkins did the song “Baby, let’s dance” in The Sims 2: Pets.

Part One

EA Russia, Pets and an Interview with the head of EA RussiaA huge stand with metal structures and dancing girls in Wargaming.net belonged to their incredibly popular franchise World of Tanks, now supplemented with World of Warplanes and the World of Battleships…

Part Two

EA Russia, Pets and an Interview with the head of EA RussiaBut how can we keep silent about the relationship between self pets? Nothing startling here, probably not. The interactions are almost the same as that of the virtual creatures – play, growl, chase, cuddle, talk. Communication can have a different outcome, but the fact that animals from contacting each other is encouraging.

Part Three

EA Russia, Pets and an Interview with the head of EA RussiaDeer have an important aesthetic role – literally captivated all his graceful and effortless jumping, and they all want to save these jumps in memory. However, this being very frightened, requires the patience to wait to after letting it take you to myself with innocent to stroke his velvety skin.
Add to the family of deer, or rather doe, for nowhere have we seen galloping beast with horns did not work. Pets react in much the same – they have left the memory of this (if you want to save it) and they can observe at how slender doe will hide in nearby bushes.