A reader over at GamersNET have discovered a bug with Pets. Yes I know a lot of us have as well, but this one is interesting. According to the user (and google translate), a “pile of junk” turned into a pile of leaves and a stick. If true, this could mean that there’s code in Pets for EP 6, kinda like there was with code for Pets in Generations. Any modders out there care to see if this exist in Pets game files?

Did this really happen or could it be a mod created by someone as a joke? If real, was it a pile of trash or scrap metal that changed into it? What do you guys and gals think?

Another Clue About EP 6?A Sims fan who played the new expansion Beestenbende, looked surprised when suddenly a pile of junk turned into a pile of leaves. It could be that during the development of Beestenbende already worked on the next enlargement and that this accidentally in the expansion Beestenbende continued stabbing. Whether EA would have done this on purpose? “Life, but in another format” would be the course of this season could mean, but really we know for sure if EA makes an official announcement.