Sims.Mexei.Ru has put together three articles to teach you a little about 1. Kittens, Puppies and Foals. 2. Cat Hunting Skill and 3. Caring for Cats and Dogs. Turns out these are the lessons included with the Create A Pet demo.

Kittens, Puppies and Foals

Kittens, puppies and foals – cute little creatures! They are filled with love and joy any family in which there are. Procreation – it’s so cool! All infants – whether tiny kittens, cute puppies or clumsy colts – need special care and concern, to grow strong and healthy.



Cat Hunting Skill

Cats know how to catch a different prey: beetles, birds, lizards, rodents, snakes and turtles! To find them, select action “raven” in the menu hunting. It is made available after receipt of a sufficient number of points the skill of hunting. Enable view the map and you will see tabs where to find the chosen prey. The street cats may seek prey elsewhere – this is the action of “hunt down prey.”



Caring for Cats and Dogs

Before your home will be a cat or dog, you need to prepare everything necessary for a happy life pet. Dogs and cats need a bowl of pet litter or pet a cozy house (unless of course you can afford it). In buy mode under “Children’s Room,” is to “Pets.” Additional products for pets are available for sorting objects according to the destination.