I really ought to get my butt out to the store and pick up this Adventure Pack, but I know as soon as I do, I’ll find it on sale for $20 somewhere…Probably would be best for me to hold off for a bit – I don’t think it’s going to have high sales…

Despite Pirates and Noblesaccomplishments, a few presumed supplements were left in Davy Jones’ locker. Gamers expected an increase in the size of their kingdom will be disappointed to discover that the expansion doesn’t increase the size of the Sims Medieval’s realm. Likewise, those yearning to broaden their empire with a collection of castles are still confined to owning a single fortress. While the expansion’s new ambition “Peacemaker” offered a helpful tutorial (assisted by an encyclopedic “lessons” component), novices stumbled over a few of the game’s early assumptions.

Performance-wise, Pirates and Nobles shrewdly scales to a number a number of rigs. Running the game on both a mid-level notebook and desktop with integrated graphics was entirely feasible, as long as the game’s visual luxuries were toned down. Simlish notwithstanding, the pack’s audio is immaculate, with flute-filled melodies and cheerful chanteys to serenade players across the sixteen new quests.

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