Readers of Sims Planet 2 sent in their questions and now they’ve been answered.

1. Limited Edition is in a pet store where you can buy food for your animals. If you do not have the Limited Edition, how do you come to dinner?
The pet is a rabbit hole. The food for the animals comes naturally when you command.

2. What animals are there?
Dogs, cats, horses, unicorns, lizards, snakes, squirrels, fish, turtles,
hamsters, birds, raccoons, skunks and deer. No wolf or werewolf.

3. Can you get pregnant animals?
Yes, dogs, cats and horses can get pregnant. Pregnancy lasts as long as Sims.

4. How many kittens / puppies / foals you will get about?
It is the same as regular sims, it varies. Pets almost always get a little one. Twins or triplets are rare, but it is possible.

5. How many are there unicorns in the city?
Is not known.