Sims News Network has a very informative review of Hidden Springs. Check out all of the awesomeness down below!

Sims Network Reviews Hidden SpringsLet’s start with the Vanderburg family. Catarina Vanderburg comes from a long line of rich Sims. She married Renauld. Catarina has two children; Sebastian and Francesca. But they are not Renauld’s kids. When looking at the family tree, we cannot seem to find the real father. Catarina and Renauld live in a large home. Their home is called Vanderburg Palace. Both Catarina and Renauld have reached the top of the politics career. Son Sebastian who still lives at home, has a job in Law Enforcement. The story in the game is that Catarina wants her kids to live up to the Vanderburg name. However son Sebastian won’t move out and won’t get a serious relationship, while daughter Francesca “the princess” has run away from home.


Source: Sims Nieuws