Here’s some info/Q&A about Pets that they received from a Producer during the Town Hall.

So, 22 September, an online conference for The Sims 3 Pets in the Digital Town Hall. We reported this a few weeks Russia informed the EA. The forum was declared a collection of questions and went the countdown days, and new information was still no. Personally, I will not hide, waiting for that event will be modeled on Western chats with the developers, where representatives of the sites asked questions, answered evasively, developers, and after 15 minutes all the costs are satisfied and each other.

Life, as always, proved to be richer in our understanding of it. Unanswered another question – when will the conference? Nine o’clock in the morning Pacific Daylight Time in accordance with all calendars, Taym.Yandeksu, as well as the official “event reminder” s dropped out at eight o’clock at night in Moscow – but some uncertainty remained indeed, the Polish sites, for example, focused entirely on some another time.