Alrighty, back from vacation and settled in!  Have to admit – I think I need a vacation for the vacation – ton of walking was done, and the event was jammed packed.  Never seen so many people in my life, and it helped me discover that I hate large crowds.  After this event, I will not be attending E3 next year as I had planned to do or any other large-scaled gaming media event.

But Dragon*Con wasn’t all that bad – did have some highlights in the trip.  I ran into Colin Ferguson, Sheriff Jack Carter from SyFy’s Eureka while walking the streets and had my pic taken with him.  Also came across 2 Sims during my time!  Sadly when I asked if they were familiar with fan/news sites, they were clueless and didn’t keep up with Sim news.  Shame on you, Sim-cosplayers! 😛

Anyhow, it may be a long-shot, but if anybody that reads this recognizes these two people, please let them know of this post!

Sims at Dragoncon 2011 Sims at Dragoncon 2011 Sims at Dragoncon 2011

More pics can be found via my facebook page