SimFans – One New Pets Screen Shot A Day


Starting today, SimFans will be posting one new screen shot a day from Pets to their Facebook Page. You can see the first pic from today below.

SimFans - One New Pets Screen Shot A DaySource: Infinite Sims


  1. Damienf519:

    The Black Scorpion,

    I guess this means that we will be able to give our pets a bath.

    Both cats and dogs. I love that they did this. Especially since Simmers wanted to be able to do this and EA listened, unlike with babies and toddlers which we STILL can’t bathe. I’m curious if bathing a Pet will effect their relationship with the Sim that is or attempting to bathe them. Fingers crossed!

  2. Does anyone else remember how when TS2 Pets came out, none of the cc bathtubs could be used to bathe dogs? They all had to be updated to work with the new EP. Anyone else worried this will be the case again?

  3. More than likely 🙂

    In TS2 though I relied on a custom tub that could ONLY be used for dogs, since then I could put it outside without having to worry about SIms bathing in public 😉 And avoid the puddles in the indoor bathrooms. Hope we get one of those again.

    In that screenshot, anybody else see the black speck on the tub? Wonder if that’s a flea!


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